Cocos Inspector

Game information checker based on CocosCreator engine

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At the same time, it supports cross-platform cocos creator game debugging and inspection tools for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, allowing game nodes, components, variables and other information to be displayed in real time and quickly in front of developers, helping developers to quickly debug game logic and errors.


Support to view game node tree based on CocosCreator

Supports automatic real-time refresh of the node tree, or manual refresh, which can be set freely in the setting interface

Activate, delete node, copy node path

You can also store nodes as page global variables

View node details and all component information on the node

You can also close, delete components, filter node attributes

Support simple console viewing and interaction

You can enter js code to interact with the page where the game is located

Support simple network request viewing and filtering

You can view part of the request, view the headers and content of the request and impact

You can directly view the environment variables and real-time information of the CocosCreator game

With these variables, it is very convenient to know some important game parameters, which is convenient for game developers to debug

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Future plan

1. Add runtime resource management and viewing
2. Continuously optimize performance
3. To be added...